Project name

System for supporting elections to students' parliament.


The students decided that they need a software for supporting elections to the students' parliament. The software will be built around a database. Users will contact it through a WWW browser using the client/server approach.

There will be two categories (roles) of users:

  • election commitee,
  • voter.

Voter should be able to:

  • submit her/his candidates for the current elections (unless time limit for registering candidates has already passed);
  • vote (only once!) for accepted candidates;
  • see the results of of elections (after the termination, not during elections).

Election commitee should

  • register new voters (in practice this probably would be done automatically by fetching the list from something like USOS);
  • register new elections: name, number of chairs, time limit for submitting candidates, time when voting starts and ends;
  • publish the results of elections.

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